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FOX Business
Sep 11, 2012 6:00pm EDT
out there, and these are the housing markets with the smallest gain. linda, detroit. orlando. detroit is interesting. >> it is. obviously, it is a city that has been hollowed out by the population. detroit and cleveland, a lot of those cities, simply they are not going to have the population growth and income growth really to support higher housing prices. it's just going to kind of stay in the dumps. >> one of the expertise i spoke to says there could be as much as a 10% gain. when this thing turns, it is really going to turn. you're going to wish that he would have been in this. >> part of that is because we have tremendous pent-up demand for new homes. we have had this depletion of new household formation and people doubling up. once it gets moving, many documents are created as you sell a home. once you're are able to sell the one you're sitting on, it has a little bit of a momentum effect. i'm wondering if things are going to get a little looser with their standards as to who they will hand out loans to. >> the biggest things are dealing with the backlog of not just foreclosures
Comedy Central
Sep 10, 2012 7:10pm PDT
bailed out detroit. they agree he passed the stimulus. that's where the clear choice comes. because all the republicans are saying is our country needed help, and look what balm did. obama did. well the democrats keep saying, our country needed help, and look what obama did! ( cheers and applause ) and, folks, and, folks, that vast distinction means this is not just the most important election of our lifetimes. it's actually the most important inflection of our lifetime. ( laughter ) back to you, stephen. thanks, stephen. that was good? ( laughter ) we'll be right back. ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: welcome back, everybody, thank you very much. thank you. folks, i have to tell you as disturbing as watching the democrats destroy our country is, it is more upsetting to see it destroyed by friends. all week the democratic convention was a never-ending train of friends of the report. to name just a few-- first lady michelle obama. san antonio mayor julian castro. new york mayor corey booker. education secretary arne duncan. singer/songwriter james taylor. even the symbol of our cou
Sep 11, 2012 4:00am PDT
detroit. the fusion is facing high demand. it is currently one of ford's top sellers. meanwhile, over at gm, the chevy volt is a hot seller, but it could be cutting into gm's long-term profits. gm invested $1.2 billion in the volt, but has sold so few of them - fewer than 14,000 - that reuters reports gm is losing around $49,000 on each volt made. congress is back in session. topping the agenda for lawmakers is keeping the government in operation. as the september 30th deadline quickly approaches, the house is expected to approve a bill later this week that will keep the government running. as well as passage by the senate by the end of the month. reports say a threat of a government shutdown sparked by the tea party is looking less likely as upcoming elections draw closer. also on the legislative list, president obama's bill to improve the economy through job growth, including jobs for veterans returning from iraq and afghanistan. the campaign cash race is heating up. president obama was the big winner in august. contributions to the president and the democratic party totaled $114 mi
Sep 10, 2012 6:30pm PDT
detroit, y esto es lo que hacemos. ♪ >>> regresamos a mÉxico. anuncio su salida del movimiento progresista. frente a enrique peÑa nieto del pri. dijo que dedicara sus esfuerzos a crear un nuevo partido. >>> informa de ciudad de mÉxico >>> como la vida misma en la polÍtica. asÍ el silencio que quedÓ luego del anuncio de andrÉs lÓpez obrador. de separarse de los partidos que lo dejaron. el ir iso venir de la vida polÍtica. >>> las grandes oportunidades la intenciÓn del ex candidato de formar un nuevo partido. y anticiparon un cambio que dicen, ha comenzado a verse. por sentarse a construir el acuerdo. >>> horas despuÉs que lÓpez obrador se despidiera diciendo que estamos a manos y en paz. desde rusia el presidente felipe calderÓn dijo que lo que necesita americano son partidos fuertes. definidos y representativos de los mexicanos. los partidos mÁs a la derecha o mÁs a laicaed, en el centro, en fin. requieren una solidez institucional, una claridad de propuestas, y una vida institucional propia, bien definida y clara. >>> los militantes de los partidos de izquierda, han comenzad
Sep 11, 2012 6:30pm EDT
. y disfrutando el resultado de nuestro esfuerzo. ♪ esto es detroit, y esto es lo que hacemos. ♪ conmemorar los ataques del 911 se aviva el terrorismo, estados unidos no tiene enemigos en el paÍs si no aqui hay y son igual de peligrosopeligrosos. >>> en wies composcousin una cÁ muestra un problema en un templo, el agresor aparece disparando contra algunas de sus vÍctimas. antes de suicidarse, el supremacista confeso habÍa matado a 6 personas y heridos a 6. se aÑos feos de l 11 aÑos despuÉs de los ataques del 11 de septiembre, dicen que el terrorismo domÉstico es una amenaza tan grande como al qaeda. >>> irÓnicamente estas destruyendo a al qaeda y el gobierno federal se ha dado cuenta y el fbi se dan cuenta que estos grupos no van amenguar si no van aumentar >>> segÚn un reporte de la organizaciÓn no partidista en los Últimos 10 aÑos militantes de la extrema derecha estadounidense han perpetrado al menos 8 atentados, matando a 15 personas, comparado a las 17 asesinadas por seguidores de la guerra santa en 4 a tetaques >>> ellos se ven ellos mismos como defensor d
Sep 10, 2012 6:00pm PDT
-niners, the detroit lion, the forty-niners this beat alliance last year in detroit, the win was overshadowed by the post-game handshake and enthusiastic jim harbaugh, giving him a rough patch on the back. you'll hear about this all week. today jim harbaugh wanted to put that one to bed. >> i really think it is just a small controversy. it is completely irrelevant, to put it next to the game itself is missing the point in my opinion. i do not know that i have anything more than i possibly add to that. >> the nba all-time most winning coach and former warrior head coach don nelson was inducted into the basketball hall of fame over the weekend, starting off the plays of the weekend. >> hopefully this will be my last tuxedo that will be wearing. >> come out and have a cup of coffee with me. i have a coffee shop there, shaved ice. thank you very much. >> ever the pitchman, peyton manning made his broncos did you a winning one. his 400th career touchdown joins only brett farve and dan marino in that category. the future hall of famer making his rookie debut, robert gerson of the third, wears no. 8
Sep 11, 2012 2:00pm PDT
detroit. when you abandon detroit, you abandon cities like toledo and ohio. so i think the people of ohio are confused about obama. they don't really believe in the yes, we can. some of them are feeling that they're still struggling, but there's a general feeling that obama backed the auto industry, therefore, cared about their cities and the republicans don't, and that may be how he wins ohio on that auto issue. >> jennifer granholm got it right, chris. >> what? what did she say? >> i said governor granholm got it right in her speech when she talked about the fact that what barack obama did for the auto industry wasn't just michigan, it was ohio, pennsylvania, virginia, north carolina, so many other states benefited where our manufacturers manufacture component parts. >> okay. great. that's so important. thank you, governor ed rendell, thank you doug brinkley. good luck with the book. >>> coming up, you listen very carefully and the sound you hear is the republican gnashing of teeth. they think mitt romney is losing what they consider a winnable election. maybe it would help if romney wo
Sep 11, 2012 4:00am PDT
helped police track him down, using her iphone. >>> we're following a developing story in detroit. a standoff ended with the death of a man who had been keeping police at bay for most of the day. a former auto exec facing legal and family troubles was found dead inside his home. he shot and killed an officer who had been called to the home sunday for a possible suicide attempt. >>> the big tax hike on cigarettes three years ago appears to have been doing the job. there's been a drop in smoking among teens and the poor. it brought in $30 billion in additional revenue. tobacco use was down 19% last year, the lowest on record. and smokers who don't quit, apparently light up less. >>> medical experts say women should not undergo routine screening for a particularly deadly form of cancer. ovarian cancer is usually in advanced stages by the time it's diagnosed. but ultrasounds may lead to false positives. the recommendation applies to only healthy women and not those at high-risk. >>> week one of the nfl has wrapped up with monday night football. highlights from espn. >> welcome to your
Sep 10, 2012 7:00pm PDT
flat rock assembly plant. that plant in suburban detroit, where ford and mazda used to build cars together, will add a second shift next summer, to build the ford fusion. >> they're hourly positions and they run the gamut from working in our body shop, to working in our paint shop, to working in what's known as our final assembly area. and these are all very good paying jobs that will help i think not only the local communities, because in addition to the 1,200 hourly positions in the plant itself, there's a trickle down or a multiplier effect of jobs that are created in communities. >> tom: ford expects its newly re-modeled fusion to be a top seller, already, hitting record sales in august. the michigan plant will be in addition to fusions built in mexico. and there are more pink slips at hewlett-packard. h.p. today said it will lay off an additional 2,000 employees. that's on top of the 27,000 job cuts it detailed in may as part of a $3.7 dollar, multi-year of a $3.7 billion, multi-year restructuring plan. h.p. is world's number one maker of personal computers. it employs more t
Sep 10, 2012 9:00pm CDT
when you do. the sox looking to build a lead over detroit. the sox ticket to a game lead a chance to put the tigers in their rearview mirror the socks is calling everyone's good luck charm it james f. klein to throughout the first pitch he stayed ahead and made the big pitches all night. the sox were still down 1-nothing in this 6 when this happened, a three run shot the socks up three-one and a.j. pierzynski, this one flew right over second base their lead over the tigers could be up to three games. in the sixth inning that cubs plan on a 2-1 lead over the astros. the bears five preseason games are over. yesterday's win over the colts was not a practice game it only seemed like it. everyone got to play. the bears' offense was very good, jay cutlers rating just shy of 99. you know they do not want to start off 0 and 2 at home. i wish we had a little bit more time to prepare. we saw the 40 niners beat them up there yesterday so we got a chance. >> we have a lot of stuff to improve on from this past week. it's time for us to go up there and get ready for another big game. we do k
Sep 10, 2012 6:00pm PDT
the sticks and stones school. >> he was equally tight lend about the week two matchup against detroit and the rematch of an infamous post-game handshake between the two coaches. >> many controversies are ready to give them the attention that they deserve which is -- which isn't much. you know, people will choose to use that to promote, you know, this game or any other game. i think they are really missing the point. the game is just so much bigger. i have too much respect for the men who play this game, on both sides and too much respect for the game to -- to give anything less than what it deer is sglfs as the questionable officiating by the replacement refs harbaugh said he would not change the way he manages his challenges. reporting from santa clara, jamie sire for nbc bay area news. >> thank you. a new season starts tonight for the raiders, and it's and you new regime. the general manager reggie mckenzie took time out to sign autographs for fans and our kate longworth takes time out to set the scene for some "monday night football." >> well, it will be a night of firsts at the co
Sep 10, 2012 7:00pm PDT
your doctor about cialis for daily use and a 30-tablet free trial. >> he was willing to let detroit go bankrupt. i don't think he understood that saving the automobile worker, the saving the industry, what it meant to all of america, not just auto workers. i think he saw it the bain way. i mean this sincerely. i think he saw it in terms of balance sheets and write-offs. >> for more on the bain way, i'm joined by the author of the rolling stone cover story greed and debt. the true story of mitt romney and bain capital. matt taibbi contributing editor for "rolling stone." what is the bain way? >> private equity firms in general. when they take over companies, they borrow massive amounts of money that the company has to pay back. so you're essentially borrowing against the assets of a company that you don't even yet. so when he tax about debt and borrowing money what you don't have, that's exactly what he did for years. his model is similar to those no money down mortgages where you put down 5%, 3% and you get the house. >> but they're planning to sell. they're not planning to live in the
Sep 10, 2012 5:00pm PDT
night at the sunday night football the national broadcast of the forty- niners and the detroit 49ers. a great start. >> the raiders are just a few moments away from the first time in 50 years with out l. davis. than romancing the stone with a check our stone. and j.r. stone. >>reporter: i can tell you that they to not have paul davis but there is a rapper called ice cube. >> does he used the term what's cracking... >>reporter: thank you. and i ask because he is performing for some of those fans. who else was down there on the field? reggie mckenzie. he started having his name chanted. he was signing autographs and assigning and shaking hands. he was excited and the players were prepared as i mentioned some people were getting ready but the majority of the people were outside. and i was meeting with the people that were tailgating. many have been here since early gone. they did not open the skate until 2:00 p.m. but i want to show you of what they said. >> look at this. butter yeah! raiders! we are coping with the special sauce. the menu are a raiders fan you have to go the oall the
Sep 11, 2012 4:00am PDT
of it by really good work, and every once in awhile by just dumb luck like the attack in detroit at christmas day two years ago. >> mayor, one of the big changes down there this year is politicians will not be speaking. this is the first time that's happened. what do you think about that? >> oh, i don't care. i think it was perfectly appropriate for the mayor to make some changes in the program. anything he did, somebody's going to criticize it. i think the fact that we change the nature of the ceremony a little bit, make it a little shorter, make it a little more compact, i'm not really offended by that. i'm upset that the memorial isn't done yet. i was here last year, it was supposed to be done this year. now it's not going to get done, i don't know, for a couple of years. i don't quite understand that. >> there is a deal -- >> that has my more upset. >> they say there is a deal now -- >> i know there's a deal. but -- >> mayor -- >> that's what we were told last year, too. >> that's true. >> i hope it is -- i hope it gets done. somebody's got to feel a sense of urgency about this. i do. i was h
Sep 11, 2012 7:00am PDT
la temporada de otoÑo, mÁs en "despierta amÉrica." >>> es presentado por el crislel, es de detroit, y esto hacemos, llegÓ, importando desde detroit. >>> ay paola gutiÉrrez estÁ con nosotros, somos madres. >>> sÍ. >>> cuando nuestro hijo o hija dice mamÁ quiero manejar, prÉstame tu carro. >>> sÍ, me estoy preparando, mi hija tiene trece aÑos, el tiempo vuela, en tres aÑos me dirÁ sto. y precisamente vengo a hablarles de eso, la responsabilidad de estar atrÁs del volante, no es mujer al volante peligro andante como dicen por ahÍ, no es asi, sino los adolescentes cuando tienen el privilegio, y las personas mayores que no quieren dejarlo, y quieren seguir conduciendo, representan un gran resgio en carreteras. quieren saber ¿por quÉ?>>> todo, todo. >>> vamos a verlo. >>> bueno. tome el examen para conducir, estoy nervioso, pero me va a ir bien. >>> francisco josÉ, es un adolescente que aÑoran el dÍa que obtienen su licencia de conducir, y formar parte de millones de conductores del paÍs, con el privilegio vienen responsabilidad atrÁs del volante. >>> entre 16 y 25 aÑos,
Sep 11, 2012 6:00am EDT
everybody. i'm a senior legal communications major in detroit, michigan. i'm also serve as the president of the naacp and i'm ecstatic system for impact which is a nonprofit here in d.c. that is a rancid of a geisha political involvement and -- specs beat up a little slower, a little slower and louder spent my name is crystal, i'm a senior legal communications major hailing from the great city of detroit, michigan, and on campus i serve as the president of our naacp and a must have existed for impact. my question is for anyone that wants to address this question. uganda spoke about the consistency of african-americans been active in the political process, things of that nature and would make that almost sound like an issue of our generation when that's an issue of every generations i wanted to know just decides and how active we are not in the process, the past presidential years, how can we keep people active all year round? >> anre? >> i can speak to what we've done actively, coming out of -- >> hold on a second. can the folks who are leaving try to keep it down so we can hear what's g
Sep 11, 2012 6:00am PDT
force them to. fita in detroit, you are on with kelly carlin. >> caller: hi, i feel happy to call governor w, governor w forever. [ laughter ] >> caller: but i did appreciate that he asked americans not to hate muslims. >> john: yes, he did. he said it is not a war with islam. >> exactly. >> john: okay. i promised you something funny. this is on the raw story -- let me get good music -- apparently more people from ohio think that mitt romney is more responsible for the death of bin laden than president obama. 15% said romney was more responsible, 51% said they were not sure only 34% of very conservative voters in ohio said barack obama -- >> what did they imagine that romney did? he is a private citizen? >> i think bain capitol took over the navy seals and laid them all off. [ laughter ] >> john: bain actually bought al-qaeda. >> oh, yes. >> john: overall 63% of those questions said obama was more responsible -- >> but more responsible. >> john: 30% said they were not sure overall of this poll. and this is public policying polling. >> these are the people wh
FOX Business
Sep 11, 2012 11:00am EDT
. come on down. michigan, detroit. it's happening. connell: thanks jeff. dagen: thank you very much jeff. a quick sports update for you, well maybe more like a marathon for the players and viewers of last night's men's u.s. open final. andy murray from britain, scotland finally wins one. the whole match lasted a record time, 4 hours and 54 minutes. it went to 5 sets. this was the first grand slam tial for the -- grand slam tial -- grand slam title for murray. connell: there he is. happy to win. did you watch the whole thing? dagen: not the whole thing. i love to see two sets, one player, two sets, another, and then five sets, love that. connell: we're going to come back in a moment. it was a great match. you know the judge, andrew napolitano, i have been told he has some real strong thoughts on the chicago teachers strike. guess what? he's agreed to make them public. dagen: he's up in the next hour. when i found out my irregular heartbeat put me at 5 timesgreater risk o, my first thoughts were about my wife, and my family. i have the most commonype of atrial fibrillation, or afib. it's n
Sep 11, 2012 5:00pm EDT
bankrupt. presidential candidates said -- i believe his words were along the lines of to detroit drop dead, that it wasn't something we wanted to do, to do anything to help that industry. they were willing to let the auto industry go bankrupt and then see what happens. they thought it was okay, some of these naysayers thought it was okay to bail out wall street, they thought it was okay to pad the salaries of reckless bankers who drove our economy off a cliff. it wasn't the auto worker, the nonunion auto worker in marysville that built the honda. it wasn't the chrysler auto worker in toledo that built the wrangler or liberty, it wasn't the chevy auto worker in lordstown that built the cruze, it wasn't the auto worker in defiance that built the engine or the glass worker in crestline that made the glass or the steelworker or the mill worker, it wasn't they who caused the collapse of this economy and caused the problems with the banks, but in many ways, they were blamed by the people who bet against america who were willing to say it's okay to pad the salary of reckless bankers even though t
Sep 11, 2012 1:00am EDT
and bound to detroit that could have been a very serious disaster in which the administration's reaction was not seen as sure footed. it is amazing that we are here just about two months before the next election and it is somehow seen that the president has an advantage on these issues. i guess the main that has not been mentioned could be the killing of osama bin laden in may 2011, and the president abandoning some of the policies that were so controversial early in his term. i will start with you ben, maybe you want to add other factors about how we have gotten to this place. terrorism and national security issues and how democrats feel they are such an advantage. and how they feel like they can waive them like a flag at their convention here it seems like republicans are on the run over those issues. mitt romney did not mention afghanistan and the loss over this whole area with seen as a real advantage for republicans. >> think you are. and thank you all for coming out. -- thank you. it is great to have people gathered over a topic as not plan significantly in an election. there was a
Sep 10, 2012 11:00pm EDT
in the terrorism area, particularly christmas day bombing attempts of the flight inbound to detroit that could've been a very serious disaster in one way or the other. the administrations reaction was not seen as particularly surefooted. it is pretty amazing that we are here just about two months before the next election and somehow the president has an advantage on these terrorism issues. i guess the main event that was mentioned would be the killing of osama bin laden in may of 2011 as well as the president abandoning some of the policies that were so controversial early in his term. i thought i would start with you, maybe you want to add some other factors about how we have gotten to this place where the democrats think that terrorism and national security issues are such an advantage for them and they can basically wave them like a big flag at their convention and it often seems that mitt romney and the republicans are not quite on the run on those issues, silent to the point where afghanistan wasn't mentioned and it was glossed over this whole area that we have seen for decades as a real
Search Results 0 to 31 of about 32 (some duplicates have been removed)